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Manorly Mutt is dedicated to helping dog owners create the life they dream of with their dog.  Multiple training methods are offered and combined to help every client transform their relationship with their canine companion. We strive for great, lasting results based on the highest standards of ethics and training.


Collin Richardson

Trainer and Coach

Certified Professional Trainer (CPT)
International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP) Member

Collin loves dogs. He has grown up surrounded by pets and understands the joys and challenges they can bring into our lives.

He enjoys working with dogs and their owners to help them find the harmonious, happy relationship that he experiences so thoroughly with his dog Thatcher.

His training with The National K-9 Learning Centre in Columbus, Ohio, has equipped him with the best methods and techniques available today.



Manorly Mutt’s best friend!

Thatcher’s first owners gave him up because of his wild ways. His poor manners included stealing food from the table and counters, refusing to come when called, jumping on people and out of windows, and generally ignoring any and all commands.

Five years later, these people would not recognize seven year old Thatcher. His loveable nature, happy disposition and overall co-operativeness are the result of excellent training, lovingly administered by Collin. Thatcher is happy to visit you and show off all he has learned and his amazing frisbee skills!

Yes you CAN teach an old(er) dog new tricks!  Ask us how here.