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Recommended Links:

Dog & Bone - Peterborough Dog Training

Dog Training:

International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP)

Premier Canine Professional Organization, full of support, education and canine welfare advocates!

National K-9 Learning Center

Training center, making man’s best friend better!

NK-9 Dog Trainers Association

Certified trainer’s association, teaching the skills and knowledge of dog training and more.

Happy cartoon dog - Peterborough Dog Training

Canine Info:

Canadian Kennel Club

Canadian national canine breed registry

American Kennel Club

American national canine breed registry


Provincial network of animal welfare organizations

PtboArms Logo - Peterborough Dog Training

Peterborough Links:

Peterborough Humane Society

Peterborough’s animal welfare advocacy group

Kawartha Veterinary Emergency Clinic

After hours care for your pet

DogWatch of Southeastern Ontario

Hidden fences and more training supplies

B!ke: Peterborough’s Community Cycling Hub

Friendly DIY bike repair shop and the folks that help Manorly Mutt mobile to reach our clients!