Testimonials from our gracious clients:

“My husband and I called Collin for help with some challenges we were having with our four year old dog, Pepper.  Pepper took to Collin right away and it was absolutely amazing to see how quickly and easily he was able to help us change the way that we behaved so that Pepper could rely on us for support, guidance and direction. What we had been struggling with for years was resolved in less than two hours of time with Collin and the key factor in maintaining it was us being consistent.  We are so grateful for Collin and his expertise, wisdom and true passion for helping families and dogs live healthy and happy lives together.  We highly recommend him to everyone we know.”


“I appreciated Collin’s approach, which encompassed a balance between honouring my dog’s point of view and mine. This gave me the confidence to distinguish between situations where I was being too hard on my dog from ones where I was being too soft. I recommend Collin’s valuable expertise and  service to anyone looking to understand and work with their dog.”



We loved the class, as did (our puppy).

Puppy Preschool Graduate


Thank you to our clients for providing testimonials of our dog training in Peterborough!  Contact us now for a free phone assessment and tell us about your dog!