Training Packages






Mannerly Companion Group Obedience Program

We are pleased to announce our new program for adult dogs.  Find out more here and join us!

Puppy Preschool Program

We are pleased to announce our new program for everyone with new puppies.  Find out more here!

Walk and Train to Success Program

Do you have long days at work?  Does your dog have more energy than you have time to work with?
Find out more about our great new program combining daily walks and weekly training sessions here!

Focused on Success Program

Do you want to find a training program where you can have confidence in results?  We conveniently come to you weekly so you can proudly have the prized pooch of the neighbourhood!
Look at this program here!

Good Dog to Great Dog Program

Do you have a well-behaved dog with one or two behaviours that you would like to address?
Find out more about this program!

Life Events:  Your New Puppy!

Are you planning on getting a puppy but don’t know what breed?  Have you brought home a new fur-wrapped bundle of joy?
We are excited for you and want to help, click for more information!

Life Events:  Your new Baby!

Are you expecting and also expecting time to be in even shorter supply?
Click for more information on what to expect and how you can make your child and dog great friends, before they even meet!

Life Events:  Finding the Right Match

Are you looking at adopting an adult dog?  We want you to benefit from our shelter experience, from finding the best match to settling them into their new home successfully. More about this great program here!

Dog Walking

Would your dog love to get a midday break from their crate?  An option for our training clients is a continuing walk to upkeep their great behaviour.  Find out more here!