Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Is your dog napping at home all day and happy to show you they have unending energy when you get back?  Let Manorly Mutt help!

We look forward to walking with your dog to reduce their energy and stress and increase happiness for you and your pet.  Being trained dog professionals, we enjoy bringing our knowledge and experience of communication and handling to our clients.  Your dog will get the best in care, from beginning to end of each day’s walk.  They get all the benefits of exercise, social interaction and potty breaks so your long day doesn’t have to be their long day too.  From experience with shy, quiet, older dogs, to energetic bounding puppies, we have learned to work with each in ways that benefit the dog’s behaviours and help them ease into happy times.

With each daily walk we include:

  • A leashed walk to their favourite spots, giving ample time for hydrant relief
  • A break from being in their crate or in the house
  • The furry news, a daily update of each walk provided by written letter or e-mail
  • Feeding and/or water as instructed by you
  • Cleaning paws and pawprints
  • Home minding options

Multiple dog and weekly package specials available.  Contact us now for information on current pricing specials and package deals!