Puppy Preschool Program

Puppy Preschool - Manorly Mutt Peterborough Dog Training Puppy Preschool Manorly Mutt Peterborough Dog Training

Do you have, or are you getting a puppy?

Set your puppy up for success with Manorly Mutt’s Puppy Preschool!

The first 6 months with your puppy will be the most critical to your successful relationship*
300-500 thousand dogs are lost every year due to lack of training and socialization**

You Need Manorly Mutt’s Program if:

  • You have a new puppy and want to provide a great foundation of learning in the most crucial age (under 16 weeks)
  • You are struggling with unwanted behaviours, nipping, chewing or chasing
  • You want to learn the most effective ways to encourage and reward good behaviour
  • You need help managing your puppy’s never-ending supply of energy
  • You want your puppy to learn the right social skills to interact with other dogs and people in appropriate ways
  • You want to work with the natural behaviours of your puppy so they learn to grow into a great dog

What will Manorly Mutt’s Puppy Preschool do for you?

  • Create a successful housebreaking routine
  • Help develop a schedule that works for your puppy
  • How to address biting, mouthing & nipping
  • Fist aid tips from St. John’s trained instructors
  • The health hazards a puppy may encounter
  • Techniques to form a loving, positive bond with your puppy
  • How to introduce new objects to your puppy
  • How to change unwanted behaviours
  • The foundation for an enjoyable walk
  • How to begin forming obedience commands
  • How to build confidence with your puppy
  • The best games to play with your puppy, and which ones to avoid
  • How to be a great pet owner
  • How to create a great relationship with your puppy
  • How to use a crate with positive results
  • When growth stages occur and what to expect
  • How to make make Veterinarian and grooming visits a positive experience

We had a great time with our first session so we are looking forward to doing it again, June 1st!


Contact us for more program start dates and to reserve your space!


Puppy Preschool - Manorly Mutt - Peterborough Dog Training

Give your puppy the high quality training they deserve!

Source: American Humane Association Risk Factors
** Source: Scott Mueller & NK9 (3-5M – USA; ~5%) Canadian Extrapolation